Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Missing action

Luckily I am not missing in action; I am just missing the action. Yes, I know spring is here, but it seems the temperatures arent rising. The past few mornings, the lawn has been icy. The car too. So, I logged into the virtual world to get some virtual sun and water, and what did I see?
A handfull of lasers disorderly thrown on the beach at Tradewinds.That didn't help much. The itch is there, and it's growing; I need blue water and sunshine and possibly a close race too.
See? There's wind. It's a perfect day for a race. Now, where's that calendar with the racing announcements. Hmm... While I look for that, I'll go sit in my boat and relax a bit and not think about work. Ahh, there it is. On the Tradewinds site.
Mondays at 1300? If that's SL time, it's around midnight CET. Hmm, I wonder if that calendar is updated. We'll see. I definately gotta make my way back into some racing action, cause I just can't wait another six weeks for RL racing to begin. Catch u inworld...

PS: Here's a little something to make you smile... 49er suits.


  1. Oh Noodles, you disappoint me. "A handfull of lasers disorderly thrown on the beach at Tradewinds." Disorderly? They are lined up neatly on the beach while the sailors take a break and allow their sails to dry before taking of for another exuberant race. I see you added your own Laser to the "disirder" Lol. ;-))

    1. Teehee... First I was thinking: "How come Ahab hasn't cleaned up this mess". Then I identified your boat in the lot. That's when I realized that this weeks flavour is the messyness of a real Marina, a Marina that's actually used by real people; You just gotta love that touch of a real Marina.

  2. Nudeldudel, ya know racing action is going on in SL ALL THE TIME!!! You just gotta get out of Dex once in a while and join the action other clubs provide. You know SYC, NYC, FIYC, TrYC are not exactly sitting on their asses, quite contrary. I just made 2 sailors RDs at TrYC, they'll have their own races added to our schedule and are as eager as anyone can imagine.

    About the time: ya, 12pm (noon) is kinda the earliest race you can get. Petra tried to host a race at Wed 8am and was more or less all alone on the line :( Slots between 12 and 2 are favourites since you can catch sailors from both main timezones, which is EU and US eastcoast.

    So all is good in SL racing. Actually so good I'm just waiting for the first RD to killl a competitor over one of the prime timeslots =^.^=

    1. Yeah, I know Orcs... Thanx! Right now the issue is finding the time to get in there... Racing takes time and practice. Even virtual racing requires a bit of training to be fun.


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