Friday, September 27, 2013

New sailors on board

There are only a few things as rewarding as taking new sailors out to sea. Their excitement is almost intoxicating. So many questions: Yes, you need to trim it. Yes, it heels over. No, it won't turn upside down. There's also the sights: The sunset, the lighthouses and the secret islands. After an exciting week of AC finals, this was total relaxation. No-one said a word about AC. These guys simply wanted to try sailing.
Ready for takeoff at Tradewinds
I rezzed my latest cruiser, the delicious Cafe Del Mar from the Mesh Shop, and we were ready for take off. We set sail and headed south. First there was complete silence. Then we entered the Blake Sea and had nothing but water around us, and that's when then the questions came. Are there races? Oh yes indeed. Is this a racer? Nope. Would you go for a weekend in this? Absolutely, but I probably would not cross the pond. This is not a foul weather boat. It's more like a sportscar with a soft top. Not meant for racing, not meant for bad weather. Cruising is the word. A week in the Aegean Sea would be perfect.
Rounding the Fastnet Rock again
Then the Fastnet Rock appeared. Silence again. A fighter jet flew by, and that got one of my passengers so excited he fell overboard. The two girls yelled "Man over board"; Sails down and he caught up. More questions: Is it easy to control? I think so, yes, but there's an engine too. I fired up the engine, and the roar made big smiles appear. We motered around Fastnet, and then we set sails again and headed back home. At the Tradewinds pier my new friends smiled and said thanx for taking us out. I am pretty sure we'll see the in a boat of their own sometime soon...

There are loads of cruisers available beside the Cafe Del Mar. There's the Tetra 35, the Oceanic, the Schouw and many more. And for racers there's always the Fizz, the Laser, the VO65 and let's not forget the Q2m.

PS: Here's a link to that M24 Orca mentions in the comment. Thanx Orcs.

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  1. You forgot the best raceboat of them all, the M24!!!


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