Wednesday, September 25, 2013

History of the Blake Sea

To me the Blake Sea was always there. When I discovered virtual sailing in SL, it was already a fact of virtual life. A fantastic fact of virtual life. Much later I discovered that the Blake Sea had come to exist through the actions of certain individuals. Fantastic actions really.
The Blake Sea
One of the persons deeply involved in the creation of the Blake Sea is Mr. MarkTwain White. He did a video about the beginnings of sailing in SL. As far as I know, it hasn't been promoted much. I found it by accident. After watching it, I asked Mr. MarkTwain White about part two, and there will be a part two. However, the release date is unknown as of now.

Recently there's been a hefty debate over the use of the Blake Sea. I haven't really had the energy to follow that debate closely, but it's about warships and combat zones and stuff. When I received a note from MTW that the story of the Blake Sea is now available my curiousity demanded I read it right away. It is available on a blog called Interesting read. It is - of course - written by MTW aka Mr. MarkTwain.

PS: Here's another video from way back when the Blake Sea opened...


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