Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just under 14 feet of fun

So here's a question: If a sixtyfive footer is great fun, does that mean a fourteen footer is like four times less fun? Thirteen foot and nine inches to be precise:
Easy take off
Dutch has been fiddling with a Laser for some time. It really begins to look like a winner. Last night was my first time sailing it, and here we are. Taking off from Tradewinds. Taking it easy.
Looking good
It does look rather nice, don't you think. Now it isn't just looks; There's brains too. It actually sails. Woohooo. Depending on how you handle the rudder and the sheet, that is...
Into the Big Blue Hawaiian
What's the name of that blue drink? I have a faint memory of something called an "Icebear", but since these waters aren't icy, I'll go with the "Blue Hawaiian. It's sounds warmer, and it's sweeter too. Wonder where Dutch went;
Back up again
Diving for something that wasn't securely attached? Anyway, we got it back up on it's feet again; It's a good thing the sun is out, cause I wasn't exactly wearing a swimsuit. However, the winds are nice and warm in Siracusa. Easy to dry.
A room with a view
We sailed on, and I just sat there and enjoyed the view; Completely taken by this amazing boat. It looks absolutely stunning, and the sailing is very good too. It is as if all the experience from the VO70, the VO65 and the Nacra17 is going into this. Which is probably the truth ;-)

To be continued..

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