Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fairy tale boat

There was a fairy tale leaf boat posted on slboatporn once. We discussed if it should be there or not, and we ended up keeping it there, because it was inspiring. See it via this link to slboatporn.
A leaf boat...
Yesterday I found this little leaf boat at Tradewinds. It seems the post on slboatporn was indeed inspirational. At least it inspired the builder, Lucy Afarensis.
... from some fairy tale
As you can see, it is also able to sail. Perhaps it is not fast like those crazy carbon cats, but it does generate quite a wake. It almost feels like planing.
Who'd sail a boat like this?
Maybe, just maybe, the builder overdid the wake a bit, but that's not important. We're way off the path of realism anyway. This is fun. Pure fun... It is probably the most co2 neutral boat I ever saw.
There is a BWind sailing engine inside, so it does kinda feel like sailing, and on this shot you can see  that beside the jib and the main there is also a keel and a rudder. Want one? It sits on the pier, and you can get a copy for free and go feel like Tinkerbell or something. It's definately a fun toy.


  1. Looks like a very green boat indeed. I can imagine, that it's 100% recyclable too. :)

  2. Mmm... U need to sail it regularly - or you need to water it, or else it dries and turns brown. Then you can throw it in fireplace.


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