Friday, September 28, 2012

Trapeze disease spreading

Urgent: The Tower Trapez Disease observed at the 49er Europeans seems to be spreading and fast. Less than fifteen days ago Nørregaard and Thomsen amazed the sailing world by doing this in their 49er. This was in Fraglia Vela Riva, Italy:
49er tower trapez
Shortly after that, the same thing was observed at the Danish Youth Championship just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Here's a shot of Stine and Amalie - in their 29er - showing clear signs of being infected.
29er tower trapez
Very recently the disease has been observed spreading to a completely different animal, the Farr 40. This shot shows a Farr40 with very clear symptoms; The boat shown is allegedly on route to Malmö, Sweden, where I have reason to suspect the "night track" enabled the disease to spread further.
Farr40 tower trapez
Let's just say that trapez in a Farr 40 is rather unusual; Tower trapez in a Farr 40 therefore is extremely unusual, and this leeds me to a frightening conclusion: The Tower Trapeze Disease - dubbed TTD - could be highly contageous. Question is will there be a cure, and do we want one?

It's gonna be interesting to see what next week will bring. Will we see Tower Trapez on a DS37, a Swan 65 or perhaps a Wally101? Stay tuned...


  1. Hi
    Funny to see the picture again. The boat on the picture is a Farr40 not the DS 37
    I´m standing furthest out in black smoking :)
    Best regards Mads Groth, Denmark

    1. So you're the actual dude on the photo? Enchanté. I was kinda wondering about the black mast; Also the sides seems a little too wide for a DS37. Thanx for correcting that. While we're at it... was the pic taken during the (now famous) ØRC?


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