Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Balduin Aabye Yacht Design gone?

So I finally made it inworld. Haven't been there much lately. Summer, sailing and other RL stuff taking my time. I checked my inventory, and I found a little gem, which I've never really tried... The paperboat from Balduin Aabyes Yacht Design. Here it is:
Balduins paper boat
I was just about to take her for a spin, when Ahab materialized at the pier. We talked a bit, and I learned that Balduin has closed his Yacht Design. Ahab was really on his way out, but I persuaded him to hop on board for a picture. Right after that I crashed, but the picture made it to my hardddrive.
Ahab and me in the paperboat
Sadly Sammie confirmed the bad news; Nevertheless I will be looking for Balduin for a while, and I will be enjoying his beautifull boats for longer. I'd better be back with a recap of his work; Even though I haven't covered it all.
Me looking for Balduin
It's really too bad that Balduin quit. Not only did he produce some beautiful boats; More importantly he was such a nice guy, and a true gentleman. From what I heard it will be some time before he reemerges, if at all.
That recap of Balduins boats will have to wait a little though. Right now the RL racing season is still on; I have a few minutes for relaxing, and then off I go... I think I will leave myself hanging like this, thinking about all the good times with Balduin.
Balduin, - where are you?

PS: In case you wonder, what a virtual boat yard looks like, here it is... Balduin Aabye Yacht Design. Check the category boatyards for more details.

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