Friday, August 3, 2012


If they protest you for a faulting on course, - say like failing to keep clear, pumping too much or even touching a mark, you can always claim they are being unfair and that they are ganging up on you? Is that a fair allegation to make, or is it really  leaning towards something else: Misconduct.

Is that where sailing is going these days? No matter what they say, produce an angry face and deny everything?

Granted, - I might see this differently provided... certain things, but still... Really?


  1. “He and the Dutch guy basically teamed up to claim I hit the mark when I didn’t, which seriously p-----d me off,” said Ainslie

    I don't doubt Ben Ainslies integrty at all. He is allowed to comment. If he says that's how it happened then that's good enough for me. I have seen this sort of thing happen on a course.

    Go Ben!!!

  2. The thing is... I am really not questioning the integrity of any particular sailor. I am questioning where the sailing game is going.

    He who wants to win the most will win. Jesper Bank wrote a book with that title. (In danish). What I've seen on course is that too much war-mode will make you narrow sighted, make your perception of right and wrong slip.

    As a side note, my dad always told me to never trust a man that reverts to violence. It is a clear sign of bad stress handling.


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