Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frigate south of Tradewinds

There I was. Happily splashing around in my brand new Nemo3; Completely into testing, trimming and what nuts, and then all of a sudden this dark, frightening shadow silently pops out of nowhere. I am pretty sure he sneaked up on me on purpose, - to say booh!
Gaaaah. That was the end of Noodles happy go lucky sailing. Battlestations! If only I had Captain Nemo's boat. There are no guns on the Nemo sailboat. I'll write the builder and point out this essential missing feature. Guns, we need more guns. More and more warships turn up off the coast of Dex and Tradewinds YC. Should I drop the bikini... and get one of these uniforms?
Yeah, do sail on
I sat still, watching the ship, hoping it would just pass by. I am really not into warships, but a little image googling makes me think this is a WW2 frigate of sorts. Can anyone confirm this? It's flying american colours. Anyway, right after this picture was taken, the gun turrets started turning. I started wondering what was gonna happen next.
It's not polite to point
Clearly, no shots were fired as I am still here, blogging. After all it's just boys with toys, and I suppose this was just a little boy, hehe. I've seen a real battleship somewhere in SL. Huge. Scary. Massive. Intimidating. Invincible. If I can remember where I saw it, I'll go back and snatch a few pictures for the boys. Till then it's gonna be no guns and more happy sailing. 

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  1. That's the destroyer USS Fletcher .

    Perhaps they're on anti-submarine patrol, helping keep the waters of SL safe for sailors!


  2. Thanx Tibbybob. I am clueless as to what makes the difference between frigates and destroyers. It seems destroyers are bigger than frigates?

  3. What ever happened to dreadnoughts?

  4. Frigates are designed to provide protection to a fleet or convoy of ships. Destroyers are designed and equipped for not only defensive situations, but also for independent patrol and combat activities such as ASW (anti-submarine warfare). It's not so much the size, but the fact that they are faster and heavily armed.


  5. Thanx again Tibby. So a Destroyer is more scary. Ronin, Google says a Dreadnought is a battleship from WW1. Google images says Dreadnoughts are common in scifi too. Never seen either inworld.


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