Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Real virtual boats

Sometimes I see a boat that makes my heart beat faster. It might look fast or comfortable or both. It might be just big. Not that size is the only thing that matters. This one took my breath away because it looked so real. In fact it is real. Sira built it after the well known Nordic Folkboat; Over here - in its home waters - we often just refer to it as the Folkboat. If you are a sailor, You'd already know it. There's more than 4000 boats out there in RL. Check it out. Its all there... even the curved seat for the helmsman. Haven't tested her at sea, but it comes with the BBK sailing engine, and therefore I expect it to sail well.
Siras beautiful and faithful Folkboat.

The boat can be seen at Tradewinds Yacht Club. It is really a good place, if you love boats. Right now there is a boatbuilder show. Lotsa things to look at. Remember to say hi to Tasha; She runs the place, and she is an endless source of knowledge on SL Sailing. Oh, a more modern yacht modeled after the real thing is the QSM40. A bit bigger. Modified BBK sailing engine. Very well worth a sail too.

Update as per medio february 2014: It seems people are still finding this post; Sadly I only took this one photo of the virtual Folkboat. That was back in october 2010. Sadly I never saw the virtual Folkboat again, and I fear it has been lost with Sira.


  1. I love that boat,
    time ago but never goes on sale…
    …shoud be worth a sail…


  2. Yup! The RL Folkboat is definately worth a sail. I am not sure, if Sira ever finished the Virtual Folkboat. Looks finished to me. Just add a BWIND and it's ready, right :-)

  3. I can confirm it's really a nice boat. I have a Nordic Folkboat from 1968, and its such a joyful experience to sail her at the sea.

    1. Whoa a 68er! It's gotta be wooden? It is still easy to maintain or did you replace parts of the hull? I always find it amazing to see "elderly" wooden ships in ship shape. Please leave a name (of sorts) when commenting.


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