Monday, October 4, 2010

Matchrace trainer

Yesterday in Fruit Islands, Hawk gave me the opportunity of trying a dedicated training boat, the Quest Match Trainer. Matchrace is not a simple game; Sailing is difficult. ISAF rules aren't simple either; Grasping both sailing and rules at the same time takes years of effort in the real world. Therefore it makes sence to have a trainingboat. Less sails to worry about, less speed to handle, smaller pricetag. Makes it easier to focus on the rules. Here it is...

Looking for adventures around a place called Eden.
So what's it like, the Quest Match trainer? Simple :-D Nice and easy and a lot like a BWind boat. Surprise!!! It is a BWind boat with a spiffed up hull and sail. It has a reasonably modern hull and a fancy kevlar sail. The centerboard looks a little underdimensioned to me, but in broad terms she looks good. Not sure how I like the targa thingy in the back, but the equipment placed there indicates it serves a purpose; Uplink and stuff i guess. Oh, and it provides a place to hoist the red flag or course. After all it is a matchrace trainer.
Inshore sailing in Eden
So if you wanna learn matchrace, checkout the facilities in Fruit Islands. Ask for Hawk. He has all the gear needed for a good and realistic matchrace.

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