Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catfight improving

The AC circus isn't completely stranded. Just as we thought it was game over for Team USA it seems they are actually fighting back. Those last few races were marginally more interesting than the first handfull or so. It is now almost a catfight as those speakers so love to say... There is hope that we will see good sailing in the last few races. A Kiwi beating an Aussie in the US.
AC72 stranded somewhere
Good for them. Good for sailing I suppose. However, we still need to see how those AC72 make sailing more interesting. They do alot of the opposite. So far the balance is... hmmm...

Yes, there is a "fantastic sprint" to the first mark. Oh well, to have that sprint you need a halfwind start, and that pretty much ruins the prestart fight. Anyway, they can't really do anything clever in the prestart with those monsters. They turn too slow. There's two downwinds and only one upwind. But the interesting stuff happens on the upwind *). The boats are fast. But they are still slo-mo compared to cars. The boats can capsize. But that does not make the sailing interesting... it is like having a flat tyre in Le Mans. There is a fantastic sprint to the finishline. But it is designed so the boats won't cover or dirtwind each other. There are boundaries on the course to take into account. But that really narrows down the tactical options for the teams. Besides, they can only just reach max speed before the have to tack again. Hmm... Maybe, just maybe the racing would have been more interesting with short up/downs in Melges 24, but then again ... that would look like a real boat race. Who needs that?

*) I know. Great sailors also race downwind. In most of AC races so far it's been the upwind leg that made the difference.


  1. This AC's speed and foiling might create adrenalin but there hasn't been much of the tactics that makes racing interesting to sailors.

    However maybe its the adrenalin that could get non-sailors interested?

    1. Perhaps you're right, but those interested sailors-in-spe would be junkies looking for a kick, no. I suppose we should be searching for sailors looking to sail...

  2. It's still boring beyond belief. While the development of new hitec boats - as it happens in AC - helps the development of race sailing overall, I guess it doesn't help the art of match racing. Match racing is most interesting in prestart, where it is like chess on the water, contestants outfoxing each other with many ultra quick maneuvres.

    And for that game those überbig cats are the worst choice. Let the 2 skippers sit down in optis and see who's the more clever.

    I'd watch that.

    1. Xactly. Fast isn't enough to make it interesting. Maneuvrability is equally important. Question is then, what boat is expensive, difficult to sail, maneuvrable and fast enough to be interesting as an AC boat...

  3. Tom 28!

    Oh sorry, that boat is just super cool ... but not expensive :(
    It's lke everybody could afford to attend the AC. And such socialist actions would piss off our millionaires. And you must be a millionaire in order to attend the AC, not?

    1. That is a beauty if I ever saw one. Surely it would be a fantastic boat for short matchrace courses. However, I am afraid you are right: It is probably way too cheap for the AC.


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