Friday, August 19, 2011

Powerboat show at Tradewinds

Tradewinds Yacht Club is at it again. In between the racing, the building and the partying, there is allways time for a boat show. This time they've scraped together a rather impressive amount of powerboats.
Two of a different kind...
Now, I am not much into powerboats, but it is amazing to just walk around and see all these boats. Some are more polished than others, and some are even little pieces of art. Above you see two very different boats. Here I was, thinking SL was more peacefull, and then a torpedo boat pops up.
But Officer, the light was yellow...
Here's a couple of the speedy ones. Not sure they can outrun the Torpedo boat, but they surely can't outrun a torpedo. They are fancy though. Boys with toys. Why is it always a blonde on the side? This next blue one looks fast too.
Runs good on nuclear power?
It's 160 miles to Chicago, We have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and were wearing sunglasses....Hit it! I always wanted to say that :-D
The big picture.
If you like powerboats, this is definately the place to go. The show runs at least a week more, so there is still time. Dunno how they manage to find all these items for shows, but it's great fun to see all the creativity in SL on display. Tradewinds Yacht Club truely never sleeps.

More on boatshows... and much more info plus details of each boat on Tradewinds Yacht Clubs site. Link right here to the right. 

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