Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Seanemagraph

After three rather spontaneous time trial runs in the Fizz, I thought the Flying Fizz should have a go in real water. So here it is. Me "fizzin" somewhere south of Tradewinds, Dex. Actually on my way home from the time trials.
Light wind planing in the Fizz
Yeah! It is kinda annoying that the buoy never comes closer. Hefty current, huh! Maybe I should remove it. Anyway, here's a link to more on the Flying Fizz, and here's a link to my other cinemagraphs: Morning at Tradewinds YC and Sailing the Q2.4m.


  1. I never knew planing to be so silent!!!!

  2. Looks very good, Noodles.

    Yes, I also would recommend to remove the buoy, but it is already fun to watch like it is ;)


  3. Doc, I assure you the roarr of planing is there. I just can't put sounds in animated gifs, so you'll have to imagine it. Geeezzz, I had those silly "gotcha" things turned on. Not any more. Thanx...

  4. Thanx Manul; I also thought of adding the Tradewinds lighthouse on the horizon...

  5. Ehm, that red thing visible right under the jib :-)


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