Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspired by the seaplanes

I met Manul at the Seaplane show. He was playing with an RC tricopter of sorts. It looked like fun, so I asked for the address of the shop. Minutes later I found myself in a shop full of helicopters, and...
Tradewinds Seaplane Show
... here I am, sitting in the miniscule cockpit of my latest toy. Oh no! Nonono! Don't even think this blog will evolve into a flying blog; It's a seacopter - or whatever the term is... it can land on water, so it's a kind of a boat in some weird way, right?
Up, up and away
Anyway, I started the thing up and sure... up it went. Pretty darn easy, except I didn't really know who was in control. I sure wasn't.
Tilt forward to go forward
Ok, that's high enough for a first flight, thank you very much. Where's the chute? Better check the manual. Fast... Ahh, a little forward tilt and it moves forward. Easy peasy.
Loosing altitude?
Ooops, - there seems to be a catch: Tilting forward apparently also means loosing height. It's a good thing this thing floats. More power, more power...
I got the power
Got the altitude stabilized. I think. Sorta, but now I am floating sideways. Let's see if it can be steered with the arrow keys...
That worked well, except I mostly just rotated and now the lighthouse is coming a little too close. This is gonna be spectacular. I really hope Harbourmaster Ahab isn't watching... 
Got the "hang" of it
Luckily, I missed the lighthouse! This shot is hours later... I kinda got it figured. It's not nearly as easy as it looks. Which makes sense. My dad always says the funniest thing he ever tried was flying a helicopter.  Then he adds, - and the most difficult. Me, I'll stick with sailing. That's where I feel at home, even though flying and chuting is fun.


  1. Hehe... good choice Noodles, and thanks for the fun to read report about your Heli flight at Dex yesterday ;)


  2. Yvw Manul; I had fun both flying and writing :-)


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