Thursday, May 30, 2019

Rounding old friends

So today the weather was truly nasty. Strong winds, low temperatures and rain. Yuck. I therefor decided to go virtual. Virtual sun is better than no sun at all.
Rounding an old friend
Tradewinds YC was almost empty; There was one guy at the pier. Unknown to me, he gazed at the sea. I think he watched me as I set sail, but I can't tell for certain.
Going east
Obviously, I could have stayed and chatted - possibly spending my time talking, but hey... I was there for the sailing, and SL never lets me down on that. Just check the picture above. It doesn't get more yummy than that.
Kite time
Perhaps a bit more yummy is this: Kite time. I went further south, to check out some smaller islands. People everywhere in the Blake Sea today. Nice.
I wonder how long ago it is I discovered this place... Crows Nest. I remember sailing around the Fastnet Rock in Roar Ege. That was in 2011.
Voila la mer et le soleil
See why I love the virtual sailing? It's almost so hot I wanna loose my sweater. And where did I put my shades?
Arriving at the remote isles
Anyway, here are the remote islands. I kinda remember this place as desolate. Today it's quite busy.
Busy day in the south of Blake
I counted ten or eleven boats. One had single girl aboard. She was having a party; Drinks and dance and loud music. Other boats had couples relaxing or having a picnic. Some where walking around the isles, and one boat had a couple in the cockpit - ahem - whoopee. Not very discrete.
Back up north
Me I just dropped the anchor and had a coffee while observing all the activity around me. Just a little surprised as I had expected a quiet time. Not so at all.
Coffee down, anchor up, engine on steaming up north due upwind.
Back at Tradewinds YC
After a while I set sail and headed upwind past spyglass, where I met another old friend; This time not an island. It was my Swedish friend Sven in his Folkboat. It must have been years, so we had some catching up to do before I returned to Tradewinds YC. Good old.

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