Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Clarisse in the Transat

Pretty interesting... A rather new sailor with relatively little experience, Clarisse Cremér, seems do be doing extremely well in the mini transat. She is close to the leading boats, but that's not all. She is sailing a standardboat and still she is ahead of many of the one-offs; Those are the ones with foils, kanting keels and magic wands...
Clarisse en route

It's almost like having a rookie in a Citroen C3 beat a Porshe on a racetrack.

Check it out on InterestingSailboats. Check the leaderboard on the MiniTransat site.

I totally agree with Paulo over at InterestingSailboats. If this is what she can do now - it's gonna be very interesting to watch her in the future, when she gains more experience.

Clarisse has a website on clarissecremer.com. It opens with the text "check out my crazy project". I like.


  1. Hej Noodle, I stole your story, or let's say I borrowed it. Sounds nicer, eh?


  2. Stupid me forgot the link:

    1. Oy Orcsiqutie... yr welcome :-) Clarisse did quite well, so it will be interesting to see if she can repeat that.


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