Friday, September 9, 2016

Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I finally decided to give your new system another go... So I went and bought me a superlight and handy traveling computer from HP. It's pink and supersweet. It runs your 64 bits version of Windows 10, and I'll admit it runs pretty good on two cores and a small SSD.

Today, for some reason, it decided to update; Obviously I clicked yes in order to get the latest, greatest and much more secure edition; From version 10240 to version14393... Huge gap. Must be worth it, right?

Imagine my surprise when the updater told me it needs 20gigs of disk in order to upgrade to that newer, safer version. Your system fills up most of the 32gigs available on my SSD.

Are you friggin kidding me? Do you really think that my brand new PC is already trash?

I suppose I could cleanse my disk and get 20 Gigs by deleting Windows 10. Is that what you want?


  1. They have Windows 10 in Second Life? how bizarre!

  2. How bizarre, how bizarre... tralalala... Yes, Tillerman it's bizarre that Microsnot will sell me a thingy that cannot be updated. However, it seems there are solutions to that problem. It involves external storage and hours of fumbling. No, we do not have Windows 10 in SL. Thank Good for that. SL can be bizarre enough as it is.

  3. Oh? SL is so realistic I sometimes find it hard to know which of your two worlds you are blogging about.

    Do they have computers at all in SL? If so, do they have any online virtual worlds on them?


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