Monday, September 14, 2015

What's a RM30 anyway

So what is it, - the RM30?? It's a supercool & comfortable cruiser with a few design elements taken from recently designed racers; While she may not be a 100% racer, this means she is a fun and lively boat with modern sailing characteristics. Let's have a look...
The hull is - as mentioned - quite modern. Not superwide, not superclassic either but big enough to provide a spacious interior. And it is truly AMAZING what they can stuff into a 30-footer these days. Two separate double cabins, a complete bathroom - yes there is a shower - plus a galley that's close to a real kitchen. Not just two of those burners. On top of that, there's what landlubbers would call a small office... the navigation table.
The inside is very close 
Rene has put a laptop there. Hmm... I think one of the new Dell Chromebooks are rugged and meet military specs. Sounds like the right thing to put in a boat. Except there's probably not a fiber connection available :-D. Whatever! Renes boats has always had a nice interior. This time I think she takes a step up. Not only does it look good; It looks quite a lot like the real thing. Check this out:
to the real thing, the First 30
Those photographers in RL alwys cheat and use widelenses and what nuts. That way they can make a 25 footer appear as spacious as a 90sqrm flat. Kinda silly, cause when you finally arrive at the boatshop and you cram the family into the "spacious" boat... it's a littlebit of a downer. BTW, I see that Rene forgot to add speakers in the cabin. Surely this will come as an addon. The platin edition.
Rene is always in pink
Back to the sailing... On the outside she looks very much like the real thing too... You can sit almost anywhere, and she is easy to handle. Sailing her fast is another thing, but anycone can take her for a spin. I have a feeling she will plane on a downwind course; Provided ofcourse there is enough wind. Even in foul weather she handles well... you can reef pretty much as you like as both the main and the jib are furling.
Upwind is good too
So... upwind is a breeze no matter what that weathergirl said. There's a couple of choises to make regarding wind, but ofcourse she comes with full WWC support; That means she is interesting to sail because the wind has variations in direction and speed; It also means she is interesting to race because there are local variations... I'll get back to the windchoices in a later post, once I've had a few miles with the latest version.
Trimming is a blast. Rene has put a supernice and supervisible "Windex" atop the mast. Yes, it can easily be seen from the cockpit. If you know your windangles this allows you to trim pretty good. Telltales gives a more precise steering aid, but they're mostly used whilst racing knife in teeth. I'll get back to the trimming also once I have a few more miles under the keel in my RM30.
For now I'll just say, she is supereasy to sail. She is built to cruise and explore, and that's what I'll do. Here's the obligatory shot with "Sharp-Tooth-Island" in the back. I expect to round that island quite a few times; Maybe we can even organize a club RM30 cruise. That would be fun... or a race round... anyone?
Me enjoying the ride
Well, that's about it for today... There are som many well built boats out there today; Many of them do not compare, as the boatbuilders tend to choose a niche fro themselves. This makes it hard to tell which is best. There's no one size fits all, but ReneMarines RM30 surely looks nice and sails well; I'd want one for my next holiday - in RL too.


  1. I love it. And I totally agree with you Noodle. I want one in RL too. Does it match the IF in sailing characteristics?

    1. Hmm... that's a tough one. They are different. I like them both. It's like comparing a Volvo Amazon and a Volvo V70.


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