Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back from holidays

Just back from lovely sailing holidays... it seems there's a new boatbuilder around. This baby is moored at Tradewinds. Perhaps baby isn't the right word... She's a rather fat 60 footer, but she still manages to look pretty good.
New boatbuilder ??
Has anyone sailed her? How does she handle? I'll try and get one for testing. It is always interesting to have new players in the game... Here's a link to the builder.


  1. you can always pick one up for free :)

    And Michie isnt new, she has been around for a while :)


    1. I knew Michie as a builder, but this is the first time she made a boat that caught my attention. The other boats on Michies website look kinda like... well not for me :-)

  2. Wow must grab it, another of michie free boats:).
    If i guess right, as all other sailboats build by her, she will be using the fizz engine.

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but IMs tell me that it sails ok. Must try it though. Especially if it is a Fizz engine...


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