Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Workboats at TYC

Virtual sailing is not just about sailboats. There's a pretty amazing work boat show at Tradewinds these days. I haven't had the time to write about it till now, but Ahab (the harbourmaster) says it'll all be gone soon, so hurry up, go see.
The poster
One of my favourites in this boat show is a very detailed fishingboat. There's so many gizmoes there, I won't mention any of them, cause then this post would never end. Looks like a trawler. I wonder what kind of fish it'll catch.
It would seem there's not only loads of fishingboats and coastguards in SL. There are also pilots, buoy maintenance boats and tonnes of other special purpose boats. This next one is a very special hybrid, which I've never seen before - in either lives...
It's the loungy trash-boat, - or is it the trashy lounge-boat?? It's a good thing there's no virtual smell in Second Life, or I'd probaby be wearing a gasmask on this picture. There's all sorts of garbage in this one. In the back there's another sweet fishingboat.
Huge building for maintanance
Then there's this huge building for maintenance. It is not a dry-dock but at least it never rains in here. Very usefull when refitting. Note all the details with cables on the wall and stuff.
A little south of the building, there's a classic river boat; You know the one with that huge wheel at the back. Very nice build. It just needs a jazzband to make the picture complete. From where I stand I can see a travelift with a tug.
Travelift and tug
Talk about a heavy load. I never saw a travelift that size, but a bit of searching reveals that some travelifts can handle 150 tonnes or more. I'll admit that I didn't check who built it, but the tug looks like an Ana-thing. Can't really explain it, but Ana's builds has a certain touch...
Here's an overview of the entire thing. Lotsa stuff so see, adore or explore. Ahab even dug up some ancient builds from Balduin Aabyes Yacht Design. Just hold your breath cause many of these boats are constantly spitting out black diesel-smoke even though they are moored.
After all that exploring there's nothing like a little break in the sun. Ok, perhaps a beer would be nice too. A boatshow that hasn't a beer-booth is really not a true boatshow, is it? Anyway, this boat is also an Ana-thing; It's the Bandit 50, if I am not mistaken. It's a really nice and super classic cruiser in a 70-ish design.
More relaxing
Ok, maybe there are other nice ways to relax in the sun. Now, if only I could get a coffee, a cupholder and a hardcopy of that new magazine about virtual sailing...


  1. Need to see them all again, Ahab is doing an amazing job in promoting boats builders in Sl.

  2. Mooring is a little bit tricky for the moment at Tradewind :D


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