Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I trust you all got into the new year just the right way? Me too, but the weather in 2014 is way too grey and wet. I simply had to go looking for some sunshine. Naturally, I found it on the net.
Sunshine and blue water
I gazed at it for a few seconds and peace came to mind. Then a thought popped up in my head: Hey! I kinda know that place. Not that I had been there for real, but after a few minutes of teleporting, I found the virtual lookalike. It's the dreamscape edition of Coconut Island.
Virtual sunshine and blue water
Not bad, huh! There's the distant roar of waves breaking onto a reef. There are dolphins playing in the currents. There's birds singing, people in bikinis having cold drinks, but best of all: You can sail around the island. What a dream. Too bad my computer wanted me to quit dreaming because of some idiotic update. RL kicks in at the most inconvenient times, hehe.

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