Friday, October 4, 2013

Waiting to start

A few days back I finally found time to race again; Feeling kinda rusty or the virtual racing, now that the Fizz Cup 2013 is coming up. Nevertheless, we had two lovely Laser heats right south of Tradewinds Yacht Club. Nine people showed up at the startline, so the pulse was up. The heat was definately on. Here we are waiting for the countdown to start.
Pulse up
The racing was pretty intense and it was obvious that the Laser is perhaps easy to sail but not that easy to sail fast. I had the misfortune of crashing at least once per race. Quite puzzling. The Laser never ever did that before. However, it caused a bit of a problem. The thing is, once the RD has left the starting area, the racewind is no longer available for a new boat to acquire. I probably need to read the manuals.
Count down
Incidentally I sailed a new version of the Laser with working telltails. Woohoooo. More on that in a future post, but it was nice. Very nice. The Laser itself is a pleasure to sail with or without telltails anyway. Thanx to Iteke for hosting and thanx to the RD; His name has escaped my memory. Great fun on the water.

PS: There's no pics from the races themselves. I was so busy handling my boat, so no time for that. If you want closeups of the boat, then click "laser" right under here, or try this link.

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