Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dinghy quiz

There are so many beautiful boats to sail on the virtual oceans; This time I was just walking around the piers, thinking about windsystems, when I stumbled upon a - to me - completely unknown boat. It was so pretty I simply had to stop and look. Here it is:
Pretty pretty
It only took me a few seconds to realize that these lines had to come from a real boat. I looked inside and found the name of the builder. Called him up, and sure enough, - it's a remake of a real boat. One that I never saw or heard of. Probably because it is manufactured at the other end of Europe. The southern parts (1). 
The real boat is a dinghy; It is pretty obvious from the looks too, so I was kinda surprised to see a keeler script running this baby, creating the sailing experience. The builder told me it is because, he builds mostly for himself; It is not a commercial product, and the current sailing script was easy to fit. However, the sailing script of this 12 footer (2) can easily be swapped with something more sophisticated. 
A dinghy with a keeler feel?
It is a pretty thing allright. In fact the class name has a french ring to it, and it kinda translates to "thingie" (3). It is a pretty simple thingie too. There is only a  main, and it looks beautiful under sail. I hope to sail it sometime soon. There are videos on youtube with the real version. I won't link there, because that would make the quiz a bit too easy, right... So there it is: Three hints. What is it, and how many hints did it take for you to guess it?

Update: Since Bea guessed it, here's a link to a Truc12 video. Incidentally, what's with the stupid music on all those boat commercials? I'd much rather hear the sailing sound...


  1. It was easier for me (thanks to hint #3)
    A french name, but an italian designer: the "Truc 12" by Marco Croci.
    Looks like a old woodenboat, with parts made of mahogany and teak, but she is very modern with a high-tech rigging (mast in carbon, and inspired by windsurfing technology).
    Very light: 50 kilograms.
    A nice one, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wauw... I hope it goes commercial; I'd love to spend a lazy afternoon sailing that "thing" around the southern parts of Blake...

  3. Another video is maybe better : but still with music :(.
    I'd like to see her in stronger wind.
    It looks to me to SL version is a bit oversized, but I may be wrong, question of picture I guess. I like her in white (video).
    Definitively she needs a fizz engine :)

  4. Yes, would be not much work to fizzify this, and would feel very alive quick. This is def a very cool boat, thanks for sharing :)


  5. LOL@Fizzify! What a lovely word, and yes... the white version looks nice; No matter the colour it looks like the salespeople see it as a leisure boat, - not a full-blood racer; C'est drole...


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