Friday, December 23, 2011

Boatshow at Tradewinds

Overwhelmed by all the Xmas stuff? Tired of hot red wine with nuts and raisins? Need something entirely different and refreshing? There's a boatshow running at Tradewinds!
Boatshow at Tradewinds YC
There are several interesting things to see. ReneMarines beatiful RM20 is there. The lovely new minischouw is there too.
To the right in this picture you see the Linden Premium handout, and in the center you see Qyvs new 2.4mR; I guess it's Tasha messing with Xmas gift wrapping on the table. Be back with details on several of these boats.

More on boatshows at Tradewinds YC.


  1. All I want for Christmas an Alerion Express 33,,,

  2. Hi Doc! Is it eatable? Ok, I looked it up. That's a very nice boat. Merry Christmas.


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