Friday, February 10, 2012

Morning at Tradewinds

This is just me fooling around with cinemagraphs. Trying to capture the ambience of the early morning at Tradewinds YC. Not sure I figured how to completely smooth all this water out, but this is version 2. Much more smooth than version 1. I kinda like it.
Click to see the live version
Ohh, the boats? From left to right we have the soon to be updated BWind, the fantastic Flying Fizz and the currently in beta Nemo3. The Fizz is a dinghy, the others are keelers. Very different animals all three. Which  would you choose?

Someone requested the still in high resolution for use on the desktop background. Here it is. Enjoy.
The still
And here's that other cinemagraph with Qyv's virtual 2.4mR in real water.


  1. Nice cinemagraph again! ;)


  2. Thanx Manul. I hope you like the smoother version 2 better ;-)

  3. ...hmmm..not sure, Noodles... somehow I see for a small moment a bit blur effects on the water of version 2, I think for me version 1 worked better ;)

    Doing Cinemagraphs about SL Sailing is a very good idea, I enjoy to see your first works. There are various good sl sailing machinima producers around, we have Dil Spitz and Zeeva Quintessa with their awesome art of SL (nautical) fotography, and now we see your cinemagraphs ;) Hopefully many more will come :)


  4. Duh, I uploaded the wrong version 2. Now it's there. Sorry.


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