Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hovering around

I've had this toy tucked away for a while. Been waiting to find the time to try it out. Last week I finally "untucked" it and took it for a spin. it, - and what a spin. The toy is the Hovertube from Balduin Aabyes Yacht Design, and here it is:
Boothbabe Noodle
Clearly, I am working hard to look like a Boothbabe from a carshow or something. Not sure how I am doing, but fear not.. it only lasted for a few minutes and I was back to normal. The setting was great. I mean, where else would you test a personal hover device if not on a beach? Catch a few windsurfers on the windshield, hehe.
Up and away...
Only there is no windshield... Anyway, let's fire this baby up. Eeew, that's disappointing. After my helicopter experience I was kinda expecting a roaar. This sounds more like my hair dryer on medium power. No worries. I suppose a stealth hovertube will make it easier to sneak up on those surfers. 
The silent wroom 
Let's see... Push this to go forward. Ok. The hair dryer changes tone to a slightly higher pitch and the thing moves. How about the steering? Whoopsidaisy. There! I am hovering over water.  That was easy. Hey, there's no brakes. Manual, manual... where's the manual? Ahh, - turn around and fire "thrusters" in opposite direction. 
Hitting the "brakes"
That's quirky. Logical when you think about it. Quirky but logical. Steering is a bit more difficult at high speed. It keeps the momentum in the given direction; Steering means adding momentum in another direction. Speed plus speed means more speed. Takes some getting used to.
Full control ?
Seems those surfers stay grounded. Perhaps they've seen what I am capable of doing with this: Totally loosing  any kind of control, hehe. No, really... I got it, and on the shot above I am just cruising at low speed. Maybe I should set up a shop. Five minutes of hovering, five L$. Free ride if you bring Strawberry Margaritas.
Extra seat
There's a passenger seat, so you can take a friend for a ride. You can even unlock the craft and let others  try it. Have a race or something, but it requires space. It's hard to stay on a specific route. Maybe there is a game  gem hidden her: The Hefty Hovering League of SL. And you can run down real people. Unlike those computer degenerates you'd find in GTA.
Back to safety
Better park this before I get more crazy ideas. Sit in the sun and watch the surfers come out again. What a fun ride. As usual Balduin never compromises. It's a great toy. Not easy, not too difficult. Loads of fun, and fast too. I suppose I could sail around the entire Blake Sea in a matter of minutes. Let's rename it to the Blake Pond. Or let's get back in a sailing boat; The Cotton Blossom for instance. If you wanna see what Balduin has in stock, then check his boat yard. It's always worth a visit.


  1. Hey, you forgot 1 very important detail.
    The thing can jump and fly over stuff great :D

  2. Really? I tried speeding it up and jumping off a wave. Didn't work out very well; Almost crashed ;-)


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