Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sailing the Nemo

I finally got to testing the Nemo2, but alas, - I was too late. Seconds after the Nemo2 was rezzed and ready, a message arrived announcing a new version; There was also a box containing the brand new demo Nemo, the Nemo3 beta. So, - these shots are probably the last ones I'll ever take of the Nemo2.
Since the Nemo3 has a few major improvements over the Nemo2, it doesn't make much sense to go into boatly details. It sails nicely, but I didn't find the sailing to be exceptionally better or less laggy than other quality  boats available. That was rather disappointing. The Nemo is being touted as a low lag boat with all new technology inside. However, the wind system is interesting. I am sure most SL sailors are aware of this.
Views from the Nemo2
Non SL sailors might find it interesting to know, that the Nemo imports actual wind data from the real world.  Many virtual sailors have dreamt this dream, myself included. The Nemo makes this dream come true on a per boat basis, and that's next to fantastic.
Yes, the planes are still there
However, all Nemos see the excact same wind where ever they are. Luffs, lulls, lifts, shifts... all boats see them simultaneously; Thus endeth the dream. Also, the Nemo has no current and no waves. The Nemo wind system is indeed interesting, but the question  remains unanswered: Is real wind or synthesized wind best suited for virtual sailing?

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