Friday, February 24, 2012

@ the beach

I met this guy. Nice guy. Sailor. We talked boats and stuff. Eventually he said: I kinda like your blog. It's very boatly, but how come you never take pics like Alex and Taru, you know... swimsuits and stuff. I told him it is a boat blog, not a skin blog. It got me thinking. There is a lot of beauty in SL sailing. This here is just  me at the beach...

That's it. Hope you like it. I am sure someone with photo skills can do much better, so please bear with me. It's only a test... and no, - I won't go more naked than this. I did take a couple of skin shots, but the thought of posting them kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. The Alex and Taru post that caused it all, - it is here. Thanx for the inspiration and have a great weekend.

PS: Want more swimming shots? Here's me skinny dipping at sea.


  1. Beautiful, Nudel!
    I didn't know the Alex and Taru blog yet (not reading any RL stuff really) but it's sure inspiring.

  2. Thanx Orcs.
    The Alex and Taru blog? It's a dream world.

  3. Yes, very beautiful, Noodles ;)

    Nice idea to take a RL foto series and to do a SL foto shoot out of it. I think, my favs are the last 2 ones :)


  4. But there's no necklace! Taru had one and was very keen that we check it out for some reason

  5. Thanx Doc. We do have fun.
    Manul, I don't (yet) have a favourite, but technically I like no 4.
    JP, hehe... I do have necklaces, but they're not for sale.


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