Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amphibious roaaarrr

The same day I flew the Hovertube, I met this guy, Sammy Serrta. He was driving his amphibious vehicle around the same beach. Very interesting thing. Wheels down on land. Wheels up when sailing. We decided to swap vehicles, and here we are... Me, wheels up, ready for salty action.
Show me yours, and...
It's quite an invention. Jetdrive when sailing, and four wheel drive on land, massive engine roaaar, and fast paced action.
Making beach life unsafe
It's loads of fun. It's very fast and very responsive, so it's easy to drive. No brakes when sailing, but still it's bit easier to turn than the hovercraft.
Not sure what's happening to me. Never really liked all these engine-things. They smell, they are noisy and they sure aren't relaxing; Perhaps it's because in SL there is no smell. Perhaps it's because I know they can all just turn down the volume. Hmm.
Back on land
Turns out it's a Motor Loon creation. I wonder what other things he's built. I saw a crazy thing back at Tradewinds once, a Surfboard with an outboard motor. Crazy but fun.
Sammy and me
Anyway, enough engine talk. Here's Sammy and me after a long at the beach. Sun is setting. The gulls are calming down. People are strolling towards the local beach bar to get a hotdog and a tequila.
Let's call it a day in Second life, and a good day at the beach.

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