Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a wonderful world

I finally got around testing that Laser I found. I wanted some peace and quiet, so I checked the map, and I found a really sweet spot. A quiet little "secret" island with a few trees and a lagoon, - and absolutely no haze. Then I unpacked the Laser, sails and the trolley, put on my new shades and I was all set. This looked like the beginning of a wonderful day of sailing. Wouldn't you agree?
When I was just about to set sail, Razor called and started to talk nerdy. I just love that, so we ended up sailgeeking about boats, sailengines, trimindicators, huds and what nuts sailgeek stuff. It was fun; Sailgeeking is usually more fun, when you are not alone. Time flies... Razor took off; I really had RL stuff to do, but I was so  looking forward to take that Laser for a spin.
Then I had another call. Now, it might look like a remote location, but I have four bars on the signal indicator on my iPhone out here. Anyways, it was Lordmaldaine; He won the lottery or something, and now he wanted to know what boat to get for some good and fun racing.
More sailgeeking
After a while, it became clear that he was in bad need of a guided tour. I gave him my coordinates, launched a few of my favourite boats, and we looked, talked and walked... Luckily the ocean floor is pretty steep right outside the lagoon; On the picture you can see Lordmaldaine standing in the water - kneedeep - right beside the beautiful QSM40.
Set sail...
So finally we kinda decided, the right boat might be the cute little Q2m; It's pretty, easy to handle, sails like a dream, has room for a friend, and it is actively raced. We watched the movie of a race with 11 boats at the line, and then we took her for a spin. Zoom in and you can see the Laser in the lagoon behind us.
Pretty pretty area
We had a wonderful time; Me, I was enjoying the views. I haven't really sailed in this area before. Lordmaldaine was stunned by the beauty of the boat, and the simplicity in the handling. The feel is simply magnificent in the Q2m. No wonder so many people like it.
First we made a few tacks upwind, and then we turned around to get the quiet downwind reward. After that I believe I sold a Q2m, hihi. Back to the lagoon, sails down, more boat talk while Lordmaldaine had a cig, and that was really the end of the day. Wanna see the island?
The island
Here it is. Doesn't get much better than that, huh! Ahh, good point, - I didn't really get to do what I came here for. A test sail of that laser. Doesn't matter. Today, the chocolatebox gave me something else. That's life, and as long as it's got to do with friends and boats, - it's really ok.

It was indeed a wonderful day of virtual sailing in a wonderful world of little islands. I can test the Laser tomorrow. Now, If I could only remember... did I put the tent in the QSM40 or the Q2m. Hmm. Gonna have to go look. Goodnight...

PS: More on the beautiful Q2m.


  1. I guess i distracted u from the laser..sorry, the laser did look very menacing.. Nice lines, looked ready for action.. May have to check that out.. Just looking at it depicted speed. Anyhow thanks for the tips and a great sail. By the way, i took your tent..thanks hehehe

  2. No problem, I had a great time. U just gave me the perfect opportunity to sail the beautiful Q2m; Something I really should do much more. If you have my tent, I guess it's just me, my sleeping bag and a camp fire...

  3. I think was a year ago when met Kephra and this fantastique Laser Radial…
    Try and still host racing with the Laser Radial dinghy, very good at all despite her "old" life inworld.

    Ask Ultralas Moleno or myself how delight sailing Laser Radial… and can get some pics/post related…

    "Radial" winds!

  4. Yeah! It is indeed a nice boat with some interesting features. Somehow it never really took off; Maybe it just needs more marketing. These days products aren't sold by their own quality.


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