Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fizz Cup round five group two

Later that same saturday, we saw group two racing under similar bad conditions. A few more boats made it a little more fun to watch, but it still looked laggy...
Right after the gun
Here we are, right after the gun and whoohoo, - it looks like a boatrace. Team Buzz in front. Check the beautiful waterfront in Sailors Cove, - all the trees in the colours of fall.
More spectators 
Here's another shot, where you see the beautiful Sailors Cove in the back. They must have had really good architects when they built that. It's so pretty. Incidentally, there's even more spectators for group two. Maybe it's the time of day, I dunno.
A special treat for ElMegro
The shot above is especially made for ElMegro. I wonder if he can see what's different. Something is clearly missing. Well, apart from that last boat finishing.
Prestart chaos
Here's a shot of the usual prestart chaos. It's always amazing to watch a start. First they just wait, sails down. Then comes the first signal, and everybody sets sail. All becomes chaos, when everybody fights for a good spot at the line. 
Then comes the gun, - and everything comes into order as everyone starts sailing in the same direction.
Chaos again...
After a few minutes it's chaos again as each sailor tries to choose the path that he or she believes is the fastest one to the first mark. In group two, Joro Aya had a great day with three out of three wins. Congrats. Again, the conditions were so laggy, - we could easily see it from the spectator platform. Hopefully the next round will give better conditions.

More results here. More about the Fizz Cup.

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