Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A bahamian smack

I was... hmm... don't really remember what I was doing. Never mind. Balduin called and asked, if I wanted to try his Bahamian Smack! I thought, hey - that sounds kinky. Turned out the Bahamian Smack was a skunkwork boat of sorts, and a very interesting one. Have a look:
The Bahamian Smack.
What is that? Hmm... It is a bermuda rigged boat with a bow spirit, much like any other boat, but it has huge sails, and therefore a special device for hiking. I am sitting on that device in the image above.
Me hiking Bahamian style.
It's rather weird actually. To have more sails, the Bahamians invented this system with a wooden plank. They swing it out to windward, and then the crew climbs out there. Obviously I am able to make better use of my bodyweight all the way out there, but it doesn't stop there.
Come a lil closer and show me what this smack is all about!
Balduins plan was (is) to implement a multicrewed and multihiked boat where three or four people can  climb out there. It's gonna be supereasy to sail, but superdifficult to sail fast. Imagine the coordination needed to do a tack.
Ready to tack?
The skipper yells ready to tack. Four people - one at a time - begin to climb in, and then they need to swing in the plank, before they can respond with a ready to tack. The skipper tacks, and it all starts over in reverse. Plank out, then one crew member at a time - out there.
Skunkworks rule
According to Balduin this boat has been work in progress for a while; Lately Balduin has released the updated Bolero and the updated Cotton Blossom II. Both are beautiful, classy and good sailboats with great sailing dynamics and telltales, but right now I feel like shouting Skunkworks Rule!

The Bahamian smack is perhaps not very kinky, but it sure is interesting. I hope to see it released some day. It's gonna be a lot of fun racing that.

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