Friday, November 25, 2011

Cold Turkey revisited

That turkey thing! It's all over the blogosphere. Never really cared about it. Never really figured just what it is. In fact it's an alien thing to us Scandinavians. However, since it is so massively present in the blogosphere, I looked it up, and...
It's nice. It's about saying thanx to family, friends, the planet, God and since it's an American thing possibly  also Wakan Tanka. The Natives would probably have more fun with it. They'd eat funny mushrooms and have a ball. Just as we would up here in the cold north. Eat some Fly Agaric and go berserk.
We're having our mushrooms before we go berserk
Ok, so maybe it's not a Native thing. Maybe it's more of an English thing. Turns out some English Seaman might be to blame, a Sir Martin Frobisher. Sounds more like a German to me. Anyways, he was a seaman, and he celebrated surviving a long journey at sea, - north of Canada. Talk about cold turkey.

I always loved that song, and now I finally get it. It's the turkey singing. It's the famous last song to the butcher.

Lenny was always part of my universe. Never met him. Love his music, and should he drop out of the sky and ask for a dance, I'd say yes in the blink of an eye... and with this I'll slip out of my office suit and into something a little more challenging. Then off into the unsafe nightlife of my city to have a few of those Tuborg Xmas beers, while they play Last Christmas didi dada dumdidum... Have a great weekend... oh and thanx...

Thanx Kanker, Moth, Tasha, all the people at Tradewinds YC, sailbloggers and everybody else.

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