Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fizz Cup round five group one

Fizz cup round five took place this saturday in the beautiful Sailors Cove. Group one sailed early saturday, and with only four boats at the line, one would think it would be a nice low lag race. Here's a view from the spectator platform. Looks like someone brought their pet.
Spectators in place
Spectating is somewhat different in SL. In a good sense that is. How often do we get to see an entire race course from above like this? Pair that with very powerfull binoculars enabling us to see each individual in their boats. Pretty neat huh!
A view from the line
Above you see the view from the line. That thing in the air in the background is the spectator blimp. The sailors are waiting for the RD to start the clock, and woah... when she did. It was so laggy, they choose to resail the first race.

Here we are, right after the gun, - four seconds into the race to be precise. ElMegro wasn't having a good day. In fact noone was. Lag was killing the race.
Upwind racing
I spoke with Liv afterwards. She was rather frustrated and pretty straight forward about it. She said something along the line that the race was worthless. I was not sailing, but it sure looked laggy. The fun thing is, - just like RL,  the same people tend to win, no matter what the conditions.
Downwind racing
If you are unfamiliar with sailing in SL and the concept of lag, then... hmm... it's a thing where the boats appear to be out of synch, and where they move weirdly around the course. Think about the scene in the Matrix, where the cat comes around twice.
Well, at least this picture shows something that looks like racing. Again ElMegro had a bad race. I hate it, when that happens to me, but sometimes you just aren't sharp. Sometimes you get home from a race, and you analyze and analyze till your head spins, and the only explanation is: Just not sharp enough today.
Night racing
All this time wasted on restarts kinda postponed the entire event, and so... the picture above is from the start of race three. Moon coming up, so we weren't in total darkness. It's a good thing we have the coastguard around, because there are no navigation lights on the Flying Fizz. All in all this event sported three wins for Miwha Masala; That's pretty good given the difficult conditions. More results here. More about the Fizz Cup.

That's it for group one. Didn't hang out for the chit chat; I wanted to see a million boats at Tradewinds.

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