Friday, October 28, 2011

Woohoo - I am flying!

I've posted quite a few times on the Flying Fizz; This here is a little break - with some  real flying. Yes, you can fly in SL too.
Just jumped...
So... I went flying with a friend. Talking boats of course, but then he had to leave. I had no idea where we were, and for fun I just said, so chute me!
Woohoo - I am flying!
Shouldn't have said that? Oh, yes indeed. It was a beautiful day for a jump. Chute on the back, door open and 3, 2, 1 - I was airborne.
I wasn't really dressed for the occasion. No goggles. Just a sweater and jeans, so after a short while I pulled to reduce the windchill factor.
Sunshine, peace, - and Smetana!!?
Such relief. It worked, and all of a sudden I was hanging there in complete silence and sunshine. So nice. Dunno why, but Smetanas beautiful "Die Moldau" came to mind. Sadly, I forgot to bring my iPod.
Whoopsidaisy... all water?
Then reality struck! I looked down and saw nothing but water. Time to look for some land. Ok, there is an island over there... Kinda covered in haze, but let's see what's there...
On approach...
Wasn't really easy to see much... Ooops, a house. Let's avoid that. Yuck... is that a swamp? Don't wanna go down there. Uncharted area here... I mean there could be crocs.
Found a spot!
Oh great... there is a garden. Let's go for that. This looks wonderfull. If only I can avoid that gate over there, and the little pond, and those trees, nono not the bench, this thing clearly lacks flaps... and touch down...
Made it...
Ahh, landed. Here I am, - ehm, where am I? This place looks beautiful. Except maybe the haze makes it a little spooky. If I was out playing with a WWII sub, this is where I'd break the surface to get supplies or to land a spy. Well, I am not.
Thanx for flying!
I am more of a Fizz Fanatic, and I am gonna have to go explore here someday, - when the forecast says sunshine. Perfect place to sail for a picnic... sailing the Flying Fizz from Tradewinds to here will be fun...  and that's really the end of this lil flight.  This is your captain speaking. Hope you enjoyed the flight, - and please fly with us again.

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