Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In the darkness

Strange things happen at night in SL. This was actually a quiet night at Tradewinds, and I was really there to do some testing. Then I heard a strange sound and looked out the window.
Maybe those windows needs cleaning?
What I saw was a fishing boat, probably a whaler of sorts. He just came in the harbour, and he was motoring about to find a good mooring spot.
Moored for a coffee?
I instantly popped over to Balduins to get a mooring shot. Looks like he could run aground in here. Zoomed in a bit to ge a better view of details. Never saw a boat like this in SL.
He moored like for a coffee, and then he went off again. Just like that. Wonder what that was all about, and what's there to catch?
Take off
Never really did catch the skippers name, so this is probably the last I'll ever hear of this lil fisher. Too bad really. I caught a few glimpses of the inside through an open door. It looked like a living room in there.
Anyways, I gazed at the fishing boat disappearing into the starlight of the nigth and decided, it was sleep time for me. Hopefully he is in another timezone, so he won't have to sail all night to get home, or maybe thats just what he is here to do? You never know.

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