Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vikings to starboard

A few days after the Italian job, Linteus Dench dropped by again. We had a fun boat talk, and then we launched a couple of Roar Eges. Sailed off in the early morning.
Me chasing Lint
I love the morning at Tradewinds. The colours are simply... incroyable. The silouet of Viking ships on horizon only makes it better. Above it's just me chasing Lint.
We have a visual
Imagine a movie  of us, meaning the Vikings, taking England with a massive fleet of Viking ships. In SL we could create a scene with hundreds of copies of Roar Ege.
Closing in
Each boat should of course be full of wild and blood thirsty savages. Here's my prey in sight. Let's see if I can get any closer. Swords and shields ready. Battlestations it is. 
Ok, actually we had a friendly sail with fun maneuvers and more boat talk. A modern cellphone works quite well - even on an oldtimer like this.

Such a beautiful morning with boats and stuff... and then back to Tradewinds again. Want more about Roar Ege, then click here: Roar Ege rounds Fastnet Rock.

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  1. Vikings ahoy!

    Man the barricades! England expects etc etc!!


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