Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fizz Cup round 6

Fizz Cup round six was sailed this weekend. I didn't have the time to watch it all, so this is just a few shots from group one.
Prestart chaos
The settings were wonderful. Interesting winds and a spectacular location a few hundred meters south of the Schiffsratten YC. It is indeed a pretty area. Well, - except for the chaos at prestart time, hehe.
And here they are again... right after the gun... converging nicely but a bit too unifomly for my taste.  Everybody is doing the excact same thing in every start. Starboard tack from the starboard pin. Obviously, the starting line needs adjusting.
Next start was the same. Pretty booring, - but after a minute or so, we finally saw some action in the form af a split. Yay! As far as I can remember, there should be more shifts on the starbord side of the course.
However, it didn't change much. Miwha had a fantastic day. She appeared to be almost invincible.  ElMegro was working hard just to hang on. High five for trying.
Miwha in front
So, the sailing was good. Few crashes. However, the excitement was absent. Miwha was clearly in top shape and her boat in mint condition. Check the shot above. Three firsts out of three. Whoa! In group two Liv scored a first, and Joro scored two firsts. Congrats.

So the ranking is Joro, Miwha, Krysha and Liv a point, Hii2newsplus and finally Dahral. Can't wait to watch the finals.

More about the Fizz Cup.


  1. The replay of the 6 races is available at http://forum.slsailing.co/index.php/topic,830.0.html


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