Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Manuls Ten is out

Virtual sailing just got better. The Ten is out. Yes, it's Manuls beautiful Ten, an almost legendary boat that so many people have seen and dreamt of but never sailed. Manul never really took it to market, but his partner, Tawnielee - somehow - managed to persuade Manul to release it. An updated version is now available for a bargain price. Not only that. There's two boats for the price of one. I sailed it one morning not too long ago.
Two Tens for the price of one
Here's me after receiving the package with the two Tens. There's the original wooden boat, and there's also a plastic remake. I must admit I tend to favour the wooden one, but both are - ofcourse - completely true to the original and unique design by Manul Rotaru. That's right. The Ten is 100% Manuls brain child. It is a virtual sailboat that exists only in SL, and it is the first and only time so far, I wanted to move a boat from SL to RL !!
Early morning sail
While I sat there debating with myself which one to sail, Dutch suddenly appeared. He was kinda curious about the boat, so sails up and off we went. I've said it before: There is nothing like an early morning sail. I guess it's the combination of fresh air, the quietness, the long shadows, the different colours. All mixes up and your heart magically becomes lighter. This time was no exception.
Heading south
We sailed south for a while. Noone said a word. We just sat there and took it all in: The breeze, the sounds and the sunrise. I noticed the Ten had been updated to the latest BWind sail engine. The first time I sailed the Ten it was running on an elderly version. This one is much more responsive, has better  sounds and it comes with flapping sails. You can also toggle the hud off and sail by feel only.
We were not alone
After a while, Dutch had things to do, so he hopped off. Not sure if he paged that helicopter or what. Probably not. Anyway, it was just me and the boat. So what's there to notice? It sails like a dream. Really. It is very easy to handle, pretty stable and it turns heads. What's there not to like, hehe.
Add birds to the soundscape
Honestly? There are a few parts of the Ten that are not completely up to date. It's not easy to see on these pics, but the sails are flat, and there are no sheets. While I'd usually object to this, I will make an exception here. This is such a pretty boat and it sails so nicely I am willing to forget those two things. In fact I already forgot. Besides, you never know if there will - one day - be an update...
Heading north again
Anyway. I sailed her around the Blake for some thirty minutes before I set a northerly course up the east coast of Pslande. Passed the Schiffsratten clubhouse and soon I found myself in the open waters of Rivadulla; Look what I met there...
Meeting a Baby Sloop
Out of the morning haze came roaring... a Baby Sloop! The original Becky Baby Sloop that was used to develop and test the BWind 2 engine of the Ten. It was close hauled and quite heeled over, so I tried to catch up. Turns out the Baby Sloop is faster than she looks. I gained but I didn't manage to catch her before I was back at Tradewinds.
Catching a Baby Sloop
Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the view and taking pictures. I thought I trimmed quite a bit, but then again I had switched the HUD off. Dunno. It's not important anyway. It was an amazing morning with a fantastic sail in a beautiful boat. Besides, I can always tweak the Ten to go like a rocket, hehe.
Back at Tradewinds
So here we are... Back at Tradewinds. The Baby Sloop already moored. Conclusions? This is an absolute must have boat. It's super pretty, it sails super deliciously and it is dead easy to handle. There's no complicated sails, but if you must sail wind in back, you can wing the jib. It is the perfect match for a beginner looking for a day cruiser; And it will turn the head of any experienced sailor.

Where can you get it? Ask TawnieLee Rotaru or check the Rotaru Bootshaus.

PS: More about the Ten at Orcas World.


  1. ... and still everybody's searching for Becca ...

  2. HI Noodles,
    I want to thank you for not only taking the time an effort to take a
    close look at the TEN and putting her through her paces, but
    expressing what you saw and felt about it so eloquently.
    As i mentioned when we met, I am a very "green" sailor, having
    only started sailing "full time" last December. To have a "review' that
    really fully describes the character of the Ten and your sense of
    what it is and what it's meant to be so graciously is truly a great
    service to your readers and myself as I bring it to market.
    Please accept a heartfelt thank you for sharing your sailing
    experience and applying that to your experience sailing the Ten.
    All our best to you and yours, Cheers!

    TawnieLee Rotaru

  3. The place is more then worth to visit and on Sansara so i dropped by and even if i didn't grab the 10 i must say it looks lovely and i did got the freebie trimaran that Manul so kindly offers!


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