Monday, September 30, 2013

Puerto De Malla

I better rush with some fresh images from Puerto De Malla. Rush while it is still there, hehe. Someone mentioned yet another possible rebuild coming up, but I hope it is a false alarm. I honestly think it is quite nice as it is. I walked around for like half an hour and I didn't find any plywood at all.
The fountain and central square
Here's that fountain I mentioned in my previous post. I suppose this is kinda the central town square, whereas the church has moved a little bit into the background. There's a coffee shop to the left and all sorts of boatly shops to the right. In the back there are stairs up to the church and more little shops.
From across
This shot is from across the harbour. It's pretty pittoresque, oui? It shows the beautiful skyline, if that's the word for an old city like this. Dunno. There's also a few boats on the left. Bandits mostly. On the right there's a handful of Nacras getting ready for action. (Behind the tug). The smaller sails are Lasers.
The church
Here's the church. Not an easy picture to take form a tiny helicopter, but I think it turned out pretty good. Sadly, there's nothing inside the church at the moment, so in that respect Plywood City 2.0 was better. In 2.0 the church had a beautiful and authentic inside, complete with those coloured glass windows and all. Loads of details and way bigger than this little chapel
Bandit 50
Enough of that culture talk. Let's get back to the boat stuff. Here's me in a Bandit 50 equipped for cruising in the tropics. Bimini and all. There are loads of nice details on this boat, so I'll probably have to do a separate post on that. Now you've seen it. I kinda like this pic. It's like right out of a RL summercruise.
Zodiacs and VOs
But there are other boats to sail. In the back there's a couple of VO65s. Amazing boats if you ask me. Sail like a dream even though they're rather big. Not much accommodation below deck though, so if you are shooting for a cruise, the Bandit 50 is your weapon of choice. Right behind me, down the stairs, there's a couple of zodiacs. Different styles and colours.
Having a look at the sea
So let's get out there and have a look at the surrounding sea. I picked this Zodiac, because I've never seen a zodiac with wood fitted here and there where there's a piece of "deck" that needs covering. It's a nice touch though. Makes it feel a bit more luxury. Anyway, Puerto De Malla is worth a visit. Go there while you can. It's in Tschotcke.


  1. Very nice, but where's that corner where the kids catch crabs? Seriously, it looks like the perfect place for a stopover in a Virtual Volvo Ocean Race. Did anyone ever organize such a thing? I never heard of it, but then again I've been away for a while now.

    1. Ok, I was just there. I haven't been much in this past year, but this... It's a truly fantastic place. Not only is it a nicely themed marina; There's loads of boats to try out. Free demos. Laser, Nacra17, Bandit50 and another big cruiser plus Zodiacs, VO70, a bunch of motoryachts and the beautiful VO65. I am writing this from a VO65 in fact. This is great fun!


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