Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween at Tradewinds

Halloween is creeping up on us! Spooks are everywhere in SL, and there's a Halloween Boat Show running at Tradewinds YC. Loads of creepy stuff everywhere. This guy here looks kinda spooky too, but on closer inspection, it seems he is having a party.
Yohoho! I bet that's rhum
This guy here... his cousins are all over the place, but let's start with a few spooks. Yes, they are out even in the daytime, mind you, this is very early morning, so the shadows are looong and shady. I suppose that provides some kind of sun-protection for spooks. They need sun-factor 10000 or more. This next shot is a Trudeau One. It seems to have a magnetic effect on spooks.
A T-One overtaken by spooks
Well, they won't have it to themselves. Not for long. That guy in the first picture, he may not be able to sail right now. Don't drink and sail as they say. However, his cousin is on his way out there to claim the T-One. Or maybe he isn't. I didn't stop to ask. Just took the picture while pretending I was not scared.
Coming to get you
Not scary enough? I'd say a sailing dead is pretty spooky, but make no mistake. The scariest of all scary creatures in a marina is there too. The landlubbers aka the walking deads. Oh yes. They wander around in the sanddunes just north of the boathouse. And if that's not enough for you, this creature here is ready to take off and have you for breakfast.
This sea monster looks hungry
Having that guy in the wake makes me wanna sail something extremely safe and durable such as the Nautilus or maybe just something extremely fast. In the back you see the white shadow of a transparent tallship making its way down south. Oh, and there's a bunch of bats flying around. I hate those things. Yuck.
Dead man hanging
There's boats too. Here's a Loonetta. The spooks seem to like that as well. Dunno if they had a fight with that guy hanging from the spin pole. Maybe he just likes to hang there. Incidentally, what's that flag they hoisted at the back of the boat?
Feeling a bit worn out?
There's loads more to see. There's several ghost ships, spooky tallships such as the Blake Perl and more,  spooks, bats, spiders and other yucky creatures. There's a pumpkin lighthouse and more spooky buildings to explore if you dare. Plus there's more boats. There's even a Fizz with a Halloween themed gennaker. Oh, and don't forget the sailable pumpkin. I sailed that last year. This guy right above here, he seems to have had a bit too much. Too many spooks or too much rhum. I dunno.
The Blake Perl
Those tallships are amazing. So many details. I can understand that guy there on the raft. Doing maintenance on these huge old-timers must be a lot of work. Takes a lot of rhum too I suppose. Normal tallship sailors would dip their hardtacks in the rhum, but I guess spooks they don't need to feed on stuff like hardtacks
Check it out
I could go on and I have loads of pictures, but instead I'll just invite you to go see for yourself. You'd probably need to hurry up, cause the show runs till the 31st of October. With a bit of luck it will take a few more days to clean up after the show, but once Ahab gets started deleting things... He can be very efficient. Happy Halloween... or is it trick or treat?

PS: More Halloween stuff for afficionados if you click halloween right under here...

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