Tuesday, October 8, 2013

That J-boat

About that J-boat I spotted a few weeks ago... Last time I only looked. This time I sailed it around the Blake Sea, and it was a some sailboat-trip. This huge boat actually sails. Here it is again. The virtual J-boat moored at Tradewinds:
Moored at Tradewinds
Old (virtual) salts will be able to tell from this picture, that this is going to be something special. It's obviously high precision, high quality work. Loads of details are in place. Loads of details are still missing. For instance that block there on the side, it seems to be missing the other half of the rope going back up. That's only a tiny detail.
It's tall
Here's one big detail. Not only is the boat huge, - it is tall. Taller than most things actually. Check that view up the mast. Three sets of spreaders. Backstays, checkstays, babystays and what not. This is one of the tallest bermuda-rigs I've seen in this virtual world. Rene's Hanuman is the other one. If there is a windex somewhere up there, I sure can't see it without binoculars.
In fact it is very tall
Here's another shot to give you an indication of the size of this thing. The Tradewinds lighthouse barely measures half the height of this mast. Make no mistake. This is not a static object. This baby sails by the wind. It will carry just over 7500 square feet of sail. The Laser has a measly 76. Let's get going.
Under sail
Heading south with a sunset coming up. The woodwork is spectacular. Here's a view from the cockpit. Look at that wooden flushdeck. Huh! Don't you just need to go feel it? I am telling you: It is as smooth as silk. Let's have another view at it from higher up.
Top view
Here's the classic photo taken from the top spreader. Note the sheets and all the other lines going up and about. Also, note the height... You definately don't wanna fall off from here, and if you do, you wanna make damn sure the boat is heeled over, so you hit the water. Even then, you are in for a hard hit.
Inshore cruising
I sailed down south to get a couple of good pictures. I had this idea about a certain lighthouse being shorter than this mast. This being a Beta version, I wasn't sure I'd make it, but yes... All the way to Blake, round that lighthouse and back to Tradewinds. No crash, no simcross problems, just sailing.
So who's taller?
Ofcourse I am talking about the Fastnet Rock. It is huge. It is spectacular. I often go there while testing boats. Maybe I should surprice myself and take another route. Next time. Bear with me this time. Turns out the Fastnet Rock isn't that big after all, hehe.
Beauty and...
When sailing a J-class it seems everything else is tiny. On my way out of the Blake Sea I ran into this itty bitty Loonetta cabin-cruiser. Talk about different designgoals. Speed versus comfort. Classic versus modern. Long and sleek versus short and fat. Not that the Loonetta is bad. It is just one of those modern boats with less-than-classic lines.
I cruised around for a couple of minutes more. Enjoyed the sunset. Then I turned north to get back to Tradewinds. What a sailboat. Phew. I mean, the Ten is pretty. This J-boat here, it is totally amazing. I wonder if anyone can see just which real J-boat this is supposed to look like.


  1. Questions: Wind engine?
    Land impact?

    1. It has WWC support. The engine does not look like the Fizz, nor does it look like BWind. It's meshed; Land impact is currently 73. It will probably be lowered.

    2. Tks, 73 is not a big LI for a boat such as that 1!


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