Monday, October 7, 2013

What is this?

Quiz time... There are so many beautiful virtual boats available. Modern, classic, monohull, cats, big, small, one seaters and crewed... Manuls Ten is not alone, and the barre seems to be raised by the month.
A pretty thirty-something 
Yesterday I was at Tradewinds where this baby was docked. It's very pretty, don't you agree? It just sat there. No one around. Not even the owner. Regretfully I didn't get to sail it. However, I did sneak on board and get a good look.
Quite a lot of details
So here's the questions: What is it. Does it have a real life replica, and if so, has anyone sailed a real one. I know I've never seen on in real life, but I do hope there is a real one.


  1. Never seen it or anything like it, SL or RL. I am guessing it's american.

  2. It's the Galiko

  3. its a Herreshoff, most likely a NY, and its very very pretty :)

  4. No, it's too pretty for a NY. The NY has these fugly huge cabin windows and looks like a school bus compared to this beauty. Looks like some sort of bigger IOD of scandinavian/american heritage.

  5. Ana, the boat in your photo doesn't look at all like any of the 18 or so ever made NYs. Looksie here:

  6. Maiko Taurog's New York 32 'Galiko."
    1935 design by Olin Stephens. :-)

  7. Yes, it is the Galiko as the very anonymous user noted. Whatever it is on Ana's picture, it is very close, but a Herreshoff? Jane nailed it pretty good. It's a Herreshoff successor of sorts. If you check Janes post, there's a link to the New York 32 organisation. It says grace and quickness. Compare that to a VO65 and you have a brain meltdown, hehe. Anyway, Jane also mentions it has a Fizz 3.3 engine; That sounds interesting.


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