Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday, photocontest

There is a grid-wide photo contest running over at It's called Shooting the Breeze, and the theme is virtual sailing. I sent a couple of pics in that direction. They are kinda friday-ish in that magic and relaxed sailaway-kinda way.
Sailing into the sunrise
The first one is me and Dutch sailing into the sunrise somewhere in this virtual world. Writing this post I realize I don't have a lot of posts in this category: Scenery. I looked them over, and my favourite is probably this one ... The second picture I sent shows a truly magical spot I found by accident.
Island Life
So, if you are a virtual sailor... do join the competition. Otherwise just enjoy it. Here's a direct link to the entries so far... SLSailing Photocontest: Shooting the Breeze. Go there and maybe drop a few votes here and there by liking or reblogging, and in any case... have a great weekend!

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