Friday, October 25, 2013

Virtual weed

I've tried virtual pizza and hot dogs. I've had virtual beer, redwine and champagne. I've been out to dinner and had a virtual steak and salad. It's all been a little bit fluffy and not very satisfying. Then I've had virtual drinks that made me dizzy. Three sips of "Sex on the Beach" and my digital me start stumbling over my own feet. This, however, tops it all...
Zoso weeding smoking in his Laser
I met this guy, Zoso Zepp, at the Tradewinds dock. Amazing outfit. Complete with rastafari hair, knitted cap and all. However, the first thing I noticed was the sail. First thing I said was "You look like you're too far north". He laughed ans said he was about to cruise south. So I pulled out my Laser and we took off.
Heading south, me in the dirtwind, sniffing
Zoso said he knew the Laser from RL, but this SL Laser was rather new. We took it slowly. I tried to sail in the dirtwind to get a sniff of Zosos ever pulsing not quite ordinary cigarette. You get the idea, right? Suddenly I felt like singing. "Weed is in the air, everywhere I sniff around. Lalalalala...". Turns out this guy runs a virtual weed store. Not seaweed! Smokes and plants and what nuts. I will most definately have to check that out.
I am not really sure what virtual weed will do to the SL experience; It could be fun growing it. Like those virtual plants on the desktop. Perhaps virtual weed will make the virtual sailing experience better. Perhaps it will make you a better virtual sailor? You never know what's gonna happen. Maybe it'll psych you out completely. Get you a bad case of hydrophobia, hehe. SL never stops to amaze me. Peace out...

Peace in...

Here's a weedy sailing haiku to go with this post:

I like dirty wind
trying hard to stay in it
windward dude smokes weed

... and out...

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  1. Very nice to meet you Noodle! Im sure the paint on this baby will continue to evolve! Stop by the greenhouse for a growing lesson!

    Stay Irie!


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