Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sheena's Choice

There's a bunch of things that make SL sailing different from RL sailing. No doubt about that. One of the fun things is the fact that it is possible to own loads of boats. Most people don't have that option in RL. A few days ago I met this girl, Sheena Chelmsford. She was looking for a cruiser.
Cruiser and a few racers
We talked a bit, and I ended up rezzing some of my favourite boats. Cruisers and racers all mixed up. While Sheena hopped from boat to boat, I tried to say a littlebit about each boat. We ended up almost having a boat show. Left to right there's the Cafe Del Mar, the Melges24, that J-boat, the VO65, the Fizz, the Cotton Blossom II, the Laser, the Bandit23 and the RM20. Funny how the VO65 looks small in this context.
Almost a boat show
There are many other nice boats that I didn't rez. For starters there's the Q2m and the Q2.4mR and the QSM40. There's also the Bandit50, the Bolero, the RM 12 and the RM8, and then there's the T-One and the Leetle Cat plus ofcourse the Ten, the 12mR, the Ktaba 20 plus a handfull of cats. Tri's even.  Add to that the Nemo, the Vikingships, the Babysloop, the Tetra, the Opti, the Moth, the Elliot 6 and the Dragon plus ofcourse the Tako. Phew... I am getting dizzy and we're not even there yet. I think this'll do. It's not easy being Sheena. Having all the above plus more to choose from.

Many of these boats, I've sailed and blogged, but not all of them. Not yet. Feel free to look them up using the search field in the right column.

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