Thursday, March 22, 2012

The virtual IOD collection

This is a fun contrast to the AC spacebug, I recently wrote about. For a while now, I've been watching a brand new oldtimer moored at Tradewinds. It seems virtual oldtimers are hot these days. Good things last... Probably because there is virtually no maintenance.
Left to right: Jim, Craig and me.
Here's the builder, Craig, and Jim and me talking virtual IODs, and there is definately something to talk about. They are so alike, yet so different. For starters the Trudeau One on the left is too big. It is almost 10 meters long. On the right we have the Bolero, which is also a little too big. The Ktaba 20 in the middle matches the size more accurately.
Then there's the rig and mast. Note how different the spreaders look. The Trudeau One has the most accurate mast. It is the only one of these three with a strut above the spreaders to support the top of the mast. Right now, it seems to me the Ktaba 20 mast is a little too short. The Bolero sports an interior setup with beds, lamps and what nuts plus live telltales.
The Trudeau One and the Ktaba 20 have spinnaker poles lying on deck. However, they all come with spinnakers. Then there's the sailing engine. The Ktaba and the Bolero use modified BWind. The One uses a Trudeau engine, and it is the only one of these three to support crewed balancing. I suppose that's why the One is popular for racing.
Motoring, Craig in the back with sails set

Hmm... This could be lengthy, so I better stop. Suffice to say it is interesting to watch how different these virtual IODs really are. Naturally, we took the Ktaba 20 to sea. It sails nicely, but it is work in progress. Iit would not be fair to go into details now, so laters... When Craig tells me it is ready. 

PS: If you can't wait, then check Orca's Ktaba20 sailing pics.


  1. old wooden boats and easy maintance?
    i want one of those

  2. That's the beauty of it. Add the Cotton Blossom and the Ten, and you can have five wooden beauties with no maintenance at all.


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