Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hic sunt dracones

Better get Tasha to set up warning signs, hehe. I met Victor Cruiser at Tradewinds. We had a great talk about boats and stuff. Turns out Victor is working on a really nice boat. I had the privilege to take it for a test-ride. Thank you, Vic.
Mmmmhmmm. It is a classic. Can anyone guess what it is I am sailing here? Note that it is work in progress, so it is not completely accurate. Yet. However, it already has that realistic appearance as did the Folkboat. I will post more pictures tomorrow.


  1. It's a Drachen!
    Victor was in Triumphal and gave us some boats as well. Of course it needs some work in the cabin area and the spreaders. The spin needs some attention as well. Apart from that a very nifty mesh build, particularly for a first try.
    I also liked how he put in the fizz anims and some slight wave motion.
    I always fancied the dragon for it's sleek lines and modern interpretation of a smaller IOD class. Hopefully Victor will be amongst the first builders to have a functional BWind 2 boat out once Becca unveils the BBK.

  2. a legend still alive and unmatched :). Can't wait

  3. Orcs, I noted the angled spreaders as well as the missing - is it called a strut in english? Plus missing hinges on the rudder. Very promising work for a first, and Vic has both a bwind and a Moth BBK version running. Bea, we are many who can't wait :-)


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