Friday, March 2, 2012

Unidentified Vikings

Never before seen types of vikingships spotted off the coast of Tradewinds YC. These boats have carved decorations, dragonheads, shields and other details.
Vikings to starboard
I talked to the owner. She looked kinda vikingish. Light skin, red-ish hair, dressed in old fashioned womens clothing.
Different winds
She did not know what sail engine was inside. It probably sailed on SL wind, since they kept turning to catch the wind. In any case, they did not use the same wind as I did.
Dragons and shields
They are built by something called Nightshade Design. I'll have to look it up and maybe get me one of these nicely made boats.

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  1. Yes, the Viking Ships of Nightshade Fugu :) Long SL time ago, when the LCC still was called MBCC, we have started fleet cruises here and there from her spot on Sansara continet. I remember her as a very frienldy builder of Viking Ships :)



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